Change Up | making change work
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No more rattle!

Significant opportunities for added value for both merchant and customer are created by offering to pay out change from a transaction directly from the shop’s POS system to the customer’s smartphone. No rattle – no hassle!

ChangeUp Pay and Recieve

Make a purchase and receive change

Instead of clattering from the shop’s cash register into the customer’s pocket, the money is sent from the POS system directly to the customer’s smartphone. The customer can then use the change for future purchases from the store.

Save change

The old jar of change sitting on top of the refrigerator is a thing of the past. Change Up makes it easy for customers to deposit the money to their bank accounts if the change balance grows too large.

ChangeUp Save
ChangeIp Discount

Take advantage of unique promotions

Change Up lets customers take advantage of promotions offered by participating stores using electronic discount codes. Simple, convenient and profitable for customer and store alike. 

Donate to charity

ChangeUp lets you use your change to help others by donating to a charitable organization of your choice. Over time it adds up to make a big difference.

ChangeUp Charity

Change Up in 1 minute

Watch this short video that summarizes all the benefits Change Up has to offer. The video is less than one minute long. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns!